US Youth Sports 

Mission: To reduce the number of concussions  

and injuries in youth sports and the armed forces, through the education of organizations, coaches, parents, participants and by developing new products.


US Youth Sports is dedicated to the reduction of concussive head injuries (TBI, traumatic brain injuries) in all youth sports. While we focus on contact sports such as football, ice hockey, and lacrosse,  we will work with all governing bodies*, USA Football, US Lacrosse, USA Rugby, USA Baseball, USA Basketball,USA Field Hockey, USA Hockey, USA Softball, USA Volleyball,

USA Diving, USA Roller Sports, USA Cycling, US Ski and Snowboard Association, USA Skateboarding, regional and local organizations, schools, and clubs to help further the education of the organizations, coaches, parents, and participants. We know that it is not possible to eliminate all risk and injuries from playing sports we look to reduce the number of head injuries suffered every year by young athletes. US Youth Sports does not take donations from any sporting goods manufacturer or endorse any brand of product.

US Youth Sports would like to have all youth sporting facilities post the CDC "young athletes of all sports" poster. This poster is available free from the CDC.


We would like all coaches to use the following concussion clipboard sticker


Free online concussion training


US Lacrosse Health & Safety program. A very comprehensive program, a model for other sports.


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Report from the American Academy of Pediatrics. 


Youth Football parents please ask your child's league or team to join USA Football. Read our blog

or News and Events page.  


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